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Anonymous asked: personally i think youre probably one of the most inspiring people to exist, youre super super cute & youve always been a delight to be around!! i get motivated whenever i see what you make and you just make me very happy, so thank you!!!

Anonymous asked: Cutest Shiba Queen to ever exist


idek if i will settle on this but older amon or somethin fakjdsfFDK

anonymously send me your opinion about me and I will post it without replying

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mishhima asked: He, I think your art is absolutely gorgeous! I was just wondering if it was okay to use one of your znt pieces as a sidebar if I gave you credit?

HELLO! thank you …so much ;////////;;; and of course! if you credit me thats all i ask hehe

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Each of us having just one crooked wing,

the only thing bestowed upon us…

Title: ぶれないアイで Artist: Mitchie M feat. 初音ミク 12,452 plays


ぶれないアイで  by Mitchie M

Youtube Official

Rohto Digieye AR LIVE

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thESE IDEAS ARE SO GREAT?!!! OMIGOSH YOUREA  LL the best thank  you keep them coming…

do you guys have any zankyou requests or like ideas i need to draw a ton to make up for my lack of

please h elp me

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Hey everyone! \(^o^)/ After months of work, preorders for 希望: A Komaeda Nagito Fanbook are officially OPEN!!!!!

$25 | 60 pages | Perfect Binding | 8.5” x 11” | Full Colour

Organizers: ash, ciil, kuropin

Featuring works by 46 talented artists!

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(Full artist line-up + mini previews can be found here!)

Pre-order bonuses: Every pre-order will come with a mini print and paper doll! First 30 or 40 pre-orders will come with plastic charm (limited quantity, first come first-serve)!

Pre-orders will be open until November 20th. You can get your copy over at storenvy here!«<

Thank you so much for your support! 

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Hidden in Plain Sight the Webcomic CH2 Just opened!!

Claire is going to her dad’s old lab for the first time in 10 years; what will she find when she delves deeper?

Got a few new pages in and the new chapter cover, there should be even more very soon im making them like crazy haha!

sayakamlki asked: hi! i just wanted to let you know that your art is so beautiful and really inspiring to me! i passed by your booth on sunday at fanime this year and i had been having a really bad day, but looking at your art really cheered me up. its one of my dreams to sell my art at a con one day and, although i dont think ive developed the skills yet, your art along with that of others really motivates me to keep drawing, improving and getting where i want to be. so i'd like to thank you!


A-AH…..THATS.SUCH A SWEET MESSAGE TO SEND!! THANK YOU Y„o„„u just made my night ;;;/////////;;; so happy my art makes you happy at all thats the best thing for an artist to hear… i wish you so much luck in the con business too and hope you know that since you have willpower, you can do anything!!! dont ever give up…