things that make me happy:

  • people being interested in my ocs
  • people liking my ocs
  • people asking about my ocs
  • people drawing my ocs
  • People wasting their time , on my ocs. thank you

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there’s gotta be at least one flower pot

I drew Claire for you! >u

OMIGOSHHHH IM YELLING!!!!!! tHIS IS GORGEOUS ;;//////////;; THANK You so much waughghh she looks so beautiful in your style kkkkya;;///

Anonymous asked: Do you like Hetalia?

I’ve never watched hetalia but it looked interesting !!!! ^////9///^

emergencybattle asked: Will you be restocking the Lon'qu charms?

Yes I will!!!!!!! V////V


more mail! this time from celihime :>

Thank you Bella!! The Nowi charm is adorable, and the prints are even lovelier in person *_* I can’t wait to put them up.

uwAH ///// * ////////* so stoked they arrived for you!!!!!!

magic tears

sweet crow prince ☼ light of my life

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Anonymous asked: Celi senpai is so perfect~~~ <3


uWAH A-anon-san …..

people ask me why i like suga and i just-

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Anonymous asked: hi bella! before i ask my question, i'd just like to say you look absolutely gorgeous! looking at all your beautiful pictures of yourself really inspires me to take better care of my body and personal hygiene! (≧▽≦) i've been considering bleaching my hair for a while now and i was just wondering how you got yours done? did you go to a hair salon or perhaps did you do it yourself? also how do you like your hair bleached? sorry for the questions, hope you have a nice day!

thank you soso m uch ;;;////// and thats wonderful, im so happy theyve inspired you ^o^ !!! ——-Oh! And I went to a salon b/c …i dont… trust myself doing anything to my hair ..s…shudders—-Also its nice to get a professional’s opinion on what color would look best on you too! (warm tones vs cool tones of the same color etc)

I highly recommend it too, getting hair done …helped my anxiety/self image alot ;;//////;; though its not all gone, i feel more confident about myself! plus the whole rumor of bleached hair looking rly gross 24/7 dissipated right away! my hair is still extremely soft just as long as i remember to put in some oil and heat protectant after a shower—-it looks super healthy and wonderful! it only looks dry and bristly if you don’t do anything after showers, so try to remember that for a great next day!… good luck anon! ^//////^

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